20+ Best Builder Hall 4 Base Links 2023 (New) | Anti 2 Stars

2000+ Cups. Only Latest and Best Builder Hall 4 Base Design Anti 1 Star Layouts. These layouts can defend against Bombers, Boxer Giants and Archers. Hop Inside to have a look at these Ring protected with crushers specially designed for you. Clash of Clans Bases

Best Builder Hall 4 Base Copy Link 2023

Builder Hall 4 Base Link


Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Base

Builder Level 4 Defense Layout Link


COC TH9 War Base

COC BH4 Base Layout Link 2023

This is one of the strategically placed layouts which is widely used at bh4 and I say it that its hard to crack this one, don’t forget that nothing is hard for a great attacker, but you need to make sure you get one percent above of what they get in order to win every versus battle. Coc Bases

Bh4 Base Design Link


Clans Bases

Great Builder Hall Level 4 Design Link


Clash Champs

Clash of Clans Builder Base 4 Map Copy Link

Now this is one killer of layout design, it looks simple but make sure you try this one out, this was one of my favorite arrangement style which I kept using until level 6 which turn to be working well.

Good Builder Hall 4 Design Link


Clash Champs

Best Bh4 Design Village Link


Level 4 Builder Base Trophy Link

Well, that takes us to the 4th village map in the list. Here is the thing, it makes us a little bit tricky though considering the lower end of levels we need to work around few strong things we have at our disposal. The Bh4 is protected by cannon from another compartment with archer towers in the other compartment, which makes it an unusual situation if they are unable to break the walls, then I guess its the end of the versus battle. Coc Bases

Best Bh4 Layout Anti 1 Star Link


Bh4 Base Layout Anti Boxer Giant Link


BH4 Base Defense Link

Don’t you think you have already seen a similar anti 1 star layout before? The difference between both of them is how defenses are strategically placed to overcome the opponents in versus battles. Whatever might be the situation you should remember that crusher should be placed right in the middle and to the close to the center. CocBases

Clash of Clans Builder Base Layout Copy Link


Coc Builder Base Map Copy Link


These are designed to defend against boxer giant attacks with crusher being the main thing in the show. So we used crusher as the main defense. if we look at every design you can find out that the crusher placement is in such a way that the troops should pass through that in order to defeat the layout. That single defensive building stands as a big wall to the troops.

Best Builder Hall 04 Base Link Anti Everything


COC BH04 Base Layout 2023

Builder Hall 04 Base Link Anti Everything


Bh04 Design Anti Everything



BH04 Base COC


Best BH04 Base Links Anti Everything

BH4 Base Design

Who else thought that the above could be a great design? Well, it’s, its almost having similar features of the 1st one with a different arrangement of walls that makes it a nightmare to reach the center of the layout. Make sure you played around a bit according to the type of attacks you are facing in versus battle.

Great Builder Hall Level 4 Design

Clash of Clans BH04 Base Link


Good Builder Hall 4 Design

Clash of Clans BH04 Base Layout

Best BH4 Design Village

Builder Hall 4 Base Design

Look at the first one, which is intelligently designed with crusher covered between walls making it one way to reach the center and traps are placed in between to reach out to the Builder Hall 4 Base Design.

Builder Level 4 Defense Layout

This is one of the most used layouts at level 4, but the thing is here we made some modifications which diverts the troops into the core from sideways by buying time to kill those. The storage units are tactically placed between the entrances to take enough time to take them down. Overall this a great one to use to win versus battles successfully.

Best BH4 Layout Anti 1 Stars

This anti 2 star layout has an excellent construction with crusher being present at the core of the design if you can switch air cracker with crusher according to your needs and also the giant bomb. The best thing about this design is the heavy concentration of cannons and archers in the top of the design.

BH4 Base Layout Anti Boxer Giant

Hey, folks, this is one of the best and biggest update by the clash of clans. As you all know, this update came out as a refreshing to feel the newness of the clash of clans. As we are pretty much bored all these days seeing the same old design.

We have come up with the latest designs and we keep on testing them. Do check out this post often because these post gets update like daily, since its a new update we are doing our best.

The supporting defensive structures such as archer towers, air bombs, spring traps and push traps are placed very well defend the opponents army composition.

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