12+ Best Builder Hall 7 Base Links Anti 2 Stars 2024

Only Latest and Best Builder Hall 7 Anti 1 Star Base Layouts To Reach 5000+ Cups Soon. These layouts can defend against Bombers, Boxer Giants, Night Witches and Battle Machine. Hop Inside to have a look at these Ring and Compartmentalized Layout’s specially designed for you. So, I would recommend you to check out you tube video at the end of this article on best builder hall 7 three star attacking strategies. Without further ado, let’s dig into the epic level 7 builder hall layouts. Clash of Clans Bases



Builder Hall 7 Base Can Provide Defence Against

  1. Anti Bombers.
  2. Boxer giants and barbarians.
  3. Archers.

clash of clans builder town hall 7 trophy base

Builder Hall 7 Base Anti 1 Star

builder hall 7 base anti 1 star

This clash of clans builder town hall 7 trophy base defends Against:

  • bomber
  • barbarians
  • Baby Dragons and Night Witches.

Builder Hall 7 Defense Base


Builder Hall 7 Defense Base

Best Defence Base For Builder Hall 7


Good Level 7 Builder Hall Base Design 2024

This best defence base for builder hall 7 is a new addition to the list, which looks compelling to withstand various attacks. Four of three air defense buildings (air bombs, firecrackers) are placed in center beside builder hall. If we look at the positive side of this base, this defence base for builder hall 7 design has good placement of spring and push traps and the mines are set to air to defend air attacks. You should remember one more thing that you should keep the layout placement at the corner as it is shown.

This Best Defence Base For Builder Hall 7 Design Can Withstand Against

  • Night Witches
  • Barbarians and Archers
  • Boxer Giants
  • Baby Dragons and Minions

Overall this is a strong base that can face against various attacks. Try this base and let me know in the comment section how it went in your versus battles.


Builder Hall 7 Ring Base Design


Clash of Clans Builder Hall 7 Layout

Builder Hall 7 Layout


This builder hall 7 layout Defends Against :

  • Barbarians, archers, and bombers.
  • Night witches and Minions.
  • Baby Dragons and Minions.
  • Whole set of barbarians.
  • Giants and night witches.


Good Builder Hall 7 Layout Design

The best thing about the top bh7 base layout is the placement of builder hall 7 right in the center of the base. You can see Giant cannon is sitting next to it. You can see another set of the compartment on the top left side which acts a shield for giant cannon. As you experiment with the above top bh7 base layout design, I would recommend you to change the position of spring traps and push traps according to the attacks you are facing.

Attacks This Top Bh7 Base Layout Can Withstand Are

Baby Dragons
Boxer Giants and Barbarians.

Epic BH7 Layout Designs


Builder Hall 7 Base Anti Boxer Giants Night Witches


Best Builder Hall 7 Base Designs

Attacks this village withstood in testing: Anti night witches, Boxer Giants, Giant Cannons, Bombers, Baby dragons, Minions, Archers, and Barbarians.

Some of the bases in our blog post are designed by classical clash youtube channel. The crushers are placed well inside the compartment which makes it hard to lure out with archers. If you try to attack from the top, you can look at the concentration of defense buildings and also be adding to that the troops get scattered to the sideways due to the buildings that are available before reaching the main compartment.

Giant Cannon: The beauty of giant cannon is that it can defend battle machine very well. Make sure you place giant cannon and crushers close to the center of the layout. The combined action of giant cannon and crusher will take down the battle machine very soon.

Much Awaited updated from the clash of clans. Supercell has been on roll releasing new updated one after the other and this time they have released builder hall 7.

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