GoHo Attack Strategy | TH8 & TH9 for 3 Stars

Here we explain about the goho attack strategy for getting three stars in clan wars at th8 and th9.

Goho Attack Strategy

Army Composition:

  • Wall Breakers – 4,
  • Wizards – 8,
  • Baby Dragon – 1,
  • Hog Riders – 27,
  • Golem’s- 2,
  • Clan Castle Troops : Bowlers.
  • Clans Bases

Spells: 2 Heal, 1 Rage and 1 jump spell with 2 poison spell.

TH9 Army Composition For Goho

best town hall 8 base

TH8 Army Composition

Clash Champs

The first thing we do is selecting on which side to attack once we have done that.

Before we get into the step by step guide let me tell you few basic things

We are trying to send the kill squad (Golem, Wizards, Hero’s and Bowlers ) into the core, the target to is to taken down as much as you can with this kill squad. Once this kill squad makes through the base depending on side of the base release the hogs all at once or surgically (meaning releasing them in a group (8 or 9)). This makes sure you get the 3 stars. best th9 base

1.First release the two Golem’s having enough space between them to distract the Defenses. The point here is to cover one complete side with two golem like shown below and distracting defenses. Once you have done that clear remaining outside buildings with wizards, So that you can push heroes and bowlers in core. Coc Bases

Goho Attack Strategy

2. This is how it looks once you have done what I said above. Now it is the time to push the hero’s and bowlers along with if any remaining wizards available. Cocbases

Bowlers And Heros Making Their Way Into Core

3. When its going inside the clan castle troops are triggered you need to kill them using poison spells and by using rage spell appropriately. After you have done that use jump spell to get to the core.

Kill Squad In The Core

4. Once the kill squad is in the core its time to release the hogs from one side or back.

Heal Spell Placement To Heal Hogs When Needed

5. Once hogs makes their way into the remaining part of the base. Make sure you use heal spells for hogs when their is a possibility of having a giant bomb or else hogs are losing their hit points.

Hog Riders Making Their Way Through The Base

6. Use the second spell as in the same way as you have done with the first one, some times second spell wont be necessary.

Successful 3 Star Goho Raid

Clash of Clans Bases

Well this is a three star goho attack strategy.

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