TH8 Giant, Healer and Wizard Attack strategy

Note: This strategy can also be used to almost any kind of base! But make sure you choose base with.
lots of resources, as you need to get as much as you can, as you spend a little too much for your
troops! Coc Bases

Giants Wizards and Healer Attack Strategy Town Hall 8

Giants Wizards And Healer Attack Strategy Town Hall 8

Needed army:

  • Giant – 16 (level 4+)
  • Healer – 2 (level 3)
  • Wizard – 20 (level 4+)
  • Wall breaker – 6 (level 4+)
  • Barbarian king
  • Healing spell – 2 (level 5)
  • Rage spell – 1 (level 4+)
  • Clan Castle troops:
  • Wizard – 5 (level 4+)
  • Clans Bases

TH8 Giant, Healer And Wizard Attack Strategy

How to attack:
1. First, deploy 2 giants as a meat shield. Then, deploy 2 wall breakers and make sure that the
splash damage won’t take them out!

Deploy 2 Giants

Deploy 2 Giants

2. After the wall is destroyed, deploy the rest of the giants. And after that, deploy the remaining
wall breakers.

Deploy Bunch Of Giants

Deploy Bunch of Giants

3. Next, spread your wizards behind the giants to clear the nearer buildings.

Spread Your Wizards

Spread Your Wizards

4. Use the rage spell first, when needed.

5. After that, use of one of your healing spells to keep the Giants alive, to destroy one of the Xbows and higher level air-defenses.

Use Your Healing Spells To Keep Giants Alive

Use Your Healing Spells To Keep Giants Alive

6. Once the buildings mentioned above are about to get destroyed, deploy your first healer to
keep things steady!

Healers Deployment

Healers Deployment


7. When the first healer is about to lose its health, deploy the other one along with the Clan castle
troops and Barbarian king. And use the king’s ability when needed.

8. Now, even if the 2nd healer is down, you can still use your remaining healing spell to keep the
grip in the battle.

Rest Of The Attack

Rest of The Attack

9. And thus, this strategy offers you loot, and at the same time, stars and trophies!

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