COCBASES.Org is a place where you can get latest and best clash of clans town hall bases of all levels. Here we share some of the best hybrid, farming, trophy and war bases. Not only that we have diversified articles which targets at various anti troop attacks such as anti dragons, anti 3 stars, anti 2 star, anti hogs, anti gova, anti Valkyrie, anti gowipe. At present, we are mainly focusing town hall 5,6,7,8,9,10 because they cover major portion of the town hall level’s . Recently we started of thinking of posting best cash of clans videos.So hope it goes well beyond our expectations . basically the site navigation is organised by town hall being the first layers which sits on the top of navigation bar followed by specific bases like war, farming, hybrid and trophy. if you got any suggesstions, you can reach us a [email protected]