TH8 Barch Attack strategy for Looting

Town Hall 8 Barch Attack Strategy

Note: This strategy is most effective if the opponent has his/her storage’s or resources placed outside
the outer walls!

TH8 Barch Straegy

TH8 Barch Straegy

Needed army:

  • Clash of Clans Bases
  • Barbarians – 84 (level 5)
  • Archer – 116 (level 5)
  • Barbarian king
  • Lightning spell – 3 (level 5)
  • Earthquake spell – 1 (level 1+)
  • TH8 Barch Attack strategy for Looting
  • Clans Bases

How to attack:
1. There is only one way to use this strategy. First, you should keep on deploying your barbarians
around the whole base until it gets to half the total number of barbarians taken.

Archers And Barbs

Archers And Barbs

2. Now, as soon as you deploy barbarians, you should then do the same with your archers.

Barch Attack Strategy

Barch Attack Strategy


3. And then, put 2 lightning spells on the closest mortar! And then, the other lightning spell and
earthquake spell on another.

4. After one mortar is destroyed, the other won’t be destroyed with those limited spells, deploy
the rest of your troops by following step 1 and step 2.

5. And that’s it!

Unlike the other war attack strategies and all, most of the farming attack strategies are simple and
short! You just have to do a short task to complete the battle and collect resources! And the Barch
attack is placed on this category. So is the Gablin.

Coc Bases

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