Town Hall 6 Balloon Attack Strategy | 3 Stars

In this guide I’m going to explain how you can use balloons at town hall 6 to three star every th6 base. This is one of my favorite strategy I use at town hall 6 for 3 stars. Having said that, lets jump right into step by step attacking guide. Clash of Clans Bases

Step By Step Guide to Three Star Town Hall 6 In every War and Multi Player battles using Balloonian Strategy. Clans Bases

  • First thing you need to make sure while attacking at town hall 6 is to lure out the clan castle troops.
  • You need to move clan castle troops to the corner or where cc troops are not in range of defense buildings (canons, archer towers).
  • You need to circle the cc troops like I have shown below, if you release bunch of them at one place cc troops like Valkyries and wizards can take them all in one go which sabotages the entire attack.
  • Coc Bases

Killing CC Troops by Circling Them

Once you have taken down the clan castle troops. If there are any builder huts at the corner of the base take them down. Now you need to release the hogs you bought in cc towards the side of air defense units. Clash Champs

Release Hogs Once You Kill CC Troops


Heal them up accordingly when the hit points of hogs comes down.

Heal Hogs When Hit Points Are Getting Decreased

Second Heal Spell

Once you have taken down the air defenses, now you can drop balloons towards the remaining defense unit such as archer and wizard towers.

Releasing Balloons After Hogs Have Taken Down The Air Defenses

You need to remember not to release all the balloons at one place because air bombs can take them in one go. th6 war base

You can use the remaining archers for cleaning up. This is how you three star at town hall 6 using balloonian strategy.

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th3 base layout

TH6 Base Three Stars

TH8 Govaho Attack

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