3 Stars Dragon Attack Strategy for Town Hall 8

As you Already know dragon attacks are prominent at town hall 8. if executed well there is no better strategy at town hall 8 other than dragon. but the thing most of the town hall 8 base designs are prone to dragon attacks. Only few of them can defend. So before getting into the attack strategy I would like you to decide on which side of the base to attack, usually you need to make sure you are not coming with dragons against air sweeper which sabotages the attack. So, Without any further due lets get in to know how to three stars with dragons at town hall 8 in war and multiplayer battles. Clash of Clans Bases

TH8 Dragon Attack Strategy For 3 Stars

Needed army:
Dragon – 9 (level 3)
Balloon – 4 (level 5)
Barbarian king
Lightning spell – 2 (level 5)
Rage spell – 1 (level 3+)
Poison spell – 1 (level 1+)
Clan castle troop:
Balloon – 5 (level 4+)
Earthquake spell – 1 (level 2+).

Clans Bases

Coc Bases

3 Stars Dragon Attack Strategy for Town Hall 8

How to attack:
1. Use the two lightning spells and the earthquake spell to destroy one of the air-defense, which is
kept too deep inside the base.

Fix On The Air Defense To Take Down

2. Now, the aim is to push the dragon inside the base. So, use 4-5 dragons first to clear the outer
buildings on the side of where you are planning to start attacking. Clash Champs

Release The Dragons

3. Once they are cleared, deploy the rest of the dragons, by saving 1 dragon for clean up, and clear
all the defenses in front of the rest two air-defenses. And then, deploy all the balloons towards
air-defense and put rage spell once they are close!

3 Stars Dragon Attack Strategy for TH8

Deploy The Balloons Towards The Air Defense

4. After half of the base is destroyed, deploy the king on one side and use his ability. Then deploy
the remaining dragon on another side with less archer towers.

Deploy The King Now

5. Now, when you see the defending king of the base walking towards your king, put the poison
spell on him!

6. All done!


Three Stars Using Dragon Attack Strategy at Town Hall 8

Even if your opponent has any kind of Clan Castle troops, don’t bother them as the group of dragons will
simply kill it!

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