Town Hall 8 Giant, Archer and Wizard Attack Strategy

Check out Best Town Hall 8 Giant, Archer and Wizard Attack Strategy.

Note: This is a farming strategy and thus, it does not guarantee a 3 star! Use this strategy only if the
opponent has good amount of resources that can satisfy you!

Needed army:

Giant – 15 (level 5).
Archer – 85 (level 5).
Wizard – 10 (level 4+).
Barbarian king.
Healing spell – 3 (level 5).
Earthquake spell – (level 1+).

Clash Champs

Clash of Clans Bases

Town Hall 8 Giant, Archer and Wizard Attack Strategy

How to attack:
1. This strategy is effective to any kind of bases, as long as it does not have an X-Bow! So let’s start
off with the buildings away from the sight of defenses. Use your archers to destroy these

Take Down Defensive Units Outside

2. Next, release one of your giants close to the Clan castle and see if there are any defense troops
inside. If there is defense troops, draw them away from the sight of defenses and kill then with
half of the archers you have (don’t use more than half the archers). Also, use 1-3 Wizards if
needed. Clans Bases

Coc Bases

3. Now (after killing Clan castle troops or after verifying there are no Clan castle troops), decide
where to start with. We can actually 2 star any bases (without X-bow), so it doesn’t matter how
deep inside the resources are!

TH8 Archer and Wizard Attack Strategy

4. Put the earthquake spell in a way that the giants can break their way to the resources, and to
the Town hall.

Earth Quake Spell

5. Now, you should deploy all your giants on the side you have decided to attack. After they are
deployed, spread all your archers behind the giants to clear the nearer buildings! Once the
giants break the wall, put a healing spell on them.

Take Down Side Buildings By Archers

6. After the nearer buildings are cleared, quickly release your Wizards and King. With no nearer
buildings, the wizards won’t split up!

Release Wizards

7. Use the ability of king and the remaining healing spell when needed.

Heal Them When Necessary

8. The troops will be dead real soon. And by then, you will have 2 starred, sometimes 3 or 1, the
base with the resources you need!

That’s How You Get Loot


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