Gowipe 3 Stars Attack Strategy for TH8 – TH11

You are here because you want to get three stars using gowipe attack strategy at town hall 8. have you ever though of using clash of clans town hall 8 farming base to defend against gowipe attacks ?. best town hall 8 base

Note: Do not use this strategy if the base have lots of wall intersections, and if the building and defenses are close together!

Needed army:

Coc Bases

  • Golem – 2 (level 1+)
  • Wizard – 15 (level 4+)
  • Pekka – 2 (level 2+)
  • Wall Breaker – 8(level 4+)
  • Archer – 14 (level 4+)
  • Barbarian King
  • Healing spell – 2(level 5)
  • Rage spell – 1(level 3+)
  • Clans Bases
  • Clash Champs

How to attack:

  • We should start with the archers first. Use the archers to take out buildings far away from the defenses, such as the buildings placed on each corner to time up the battle (also the other building out of the sight of defenses). th11 base

TH8 Gowipe Attack Strategy

  • Once most of the buildings far away are destroyed by archers, deploy one Golem. And then, deploy the other a little away from the first Golem. Deploy all the wall breakers behind golem, as soon as the Golems reach the walls.

Best Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy

  • After the walls are being destroyed, the Golems will enter inside. Now, use the wizards to clear nearby buildings so that the Pekka, rest of the wizards and King may enter inside the base, and won’t go around it!

Wall Breakers Destroying Walls For Making Room For Golem To Go Inside

  • When the buildings are destroyed, deploy the remaining troops; every single one of them! Make sure no buildings are near outside the walls.
  • Once they enter, use a healing spell first when you see them weak.
  • Cocbases

Healing Spell Once The Troops Enters Inside And Weak

  • Now most of their energy will be refilled. Then, as when they destroy somewhat the half of the base, put a rage spell on them to speed things up.

Wall Breakers Destroying Walls For Making Room For Golem To Go Inside

  • Using rage spell won’t help them regain energy. So when they are about to lose all their energy, use the last healing spell on them. Also, use the ability of king when needed.

More Information of Town Hall 8 Hybrid Bases.

Using Last Heal Spell

  • There you go! This is how you can use this strategy for wars and for trophies. If you still need a clearer visual, just refer the video given below. Check out clash of clans town hall 8 base layouts here.

Gowipe Three Star

Clash of Clans Bases

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