12+ Best TH8 War Base Anti Dragon 2023 (New)

In this article, we are going to have a look at the best town hall 8 war bases anti dragon 2023. At this level, dragon attacks are by far the most used in wars. We have included a village design guide on how to design an th8 war base anti dragon at the end of this article. Coc Bases

TH8 War Base Anti Dragon 2023

Best Town Hall 8 War Base Anti Dragon

Clans Bases

Center Clan Castle TH8 War Base Anti Dragon

Clash Champs

Town Hall 8 War Base Anti 3 And Dragon


Anti 2 Star Dragon Layout TH8

Anti Dragon Town Hall 8 War Base

Good Defending Village AT 8

Anti 3 Star Dragon Layout Level 8

Anti Dragon Town Hall 8 War Base

Top TH8 War Base Anti Dragon

Level 8 Town Hall Anti Dragon War Base

Good TH8 War Layout Design

Town Hall 8 War Base Anti Dragon

TH8 War Base Design Guide

Make sure the AD’s are placed in a triangle pattern around the town hall in the center. it should cover the village on all the sides.

Placement of Storage units

Place your gold, elixir and dark elixir storage units in second and third compartments from the center of the village .your storages should protect the AD. make sure you add like two storages for each AD.

The arrangement of Archer towers

we have 5 archers towers in best town hall 8 base anti dragon that acts as a protective shield to withstand against many attacks. Add four archers tower in the second ring from the center and the remaining one in the core. plan it accordingly and go with whats working best for you.


Placing your Teslas in the core is an excellent way to pick up the dragons when they are closer to the AD.


Put your air bombs and mines in the second compartment where you feel that air defense is vulnerable to balloon attacks.

If you follow the above suggestion I have mentioned then your base will be able to defend against dragon attacks. best town hall 8 base

Main features of this village are the placement of centralized clan castle, Double giant bombs. This works with max 8. This design can withstand against dragon attacks but it is prone to hogs.

Let me know which is the good village?

Have a look at the 5 best th8 attack strategies for getting three stars in clan wars.the first one is 1. surgical hogs attacks strategy 2. GOHO 3. HOGOWIPE 4. GOVAHO Clash of Clans Bases

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