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3000+ Cups. Only Latest and Best Clash of Clans Bases Builder Hall 5 Base Design Anti 1 Star Base Layouts. These layouts can defend against bombers, Boxer Giants and Night Witches specially designed for you. These bh5 base villages are designed by taking into consideration of the type of attacks every players faces. So, without any delay lets jump into good builder hall 5 ring base designs here.


COC BH05 Base Layout 2024

Clash-of-clans-th05-base-link (1)

Clash of Clans th05 Base Link


Builder-hall-05-base-link-anti-everything (1)

Builder Hall 05 Base Link Anti Everything


Coc-bh05-base-link (1)

Coc bh05 Base Link


Builder-hall-05-base-design-anti-air-link (1)

Builder Hall 05 Base Design Anti Air Link


Best BH05 Base Links Anti Everything

Builder-hall-05-base-link-anti-everything-1 (1)

Builder Hall 05 Base Link Anti Everything


Bh05-layout-link-anti-3-stars (1)

BH 5 Layout Link Anti 3 Stars


Top-builder-hall-05-link (1)

Top Builder Hall 05 Link


Best-level-bh05-base-design-link (2)

Best Level BH05 Base Besign Link


Clash Of Clans Builder Hall 05 Base Anti 2 Stars

Best-bh05-base-link (2)

Best Bh05 Base Link


Clash-of-clans-anti-3-stars-design-bh05 (1)

Clash of Clans Anti 3 Stars Design BH05


Clash-of-clans-bh05 (1)

Clash of Clans BH05


Clash-of-clans-bh05-layout-link (1)

Clash of Clans BH05 Layout Link


Clash Of Clans Top BH5 Base

Builder-hall-5-base-defense (1)

Top Latest Builder Hall 5 Base Design

The above mentioned layout is one of those unique defence base designs which makes troops to go all around the base. The arrangement of traps, bombs and spring traps are excellent. As you can see the main defensive buildings multi mortar and crusher is placed right in the center.

BH5 Attacks This Can Defend

Top-latest-builder-hall-5-base-design (1)

Top Builder Hall 5 Base

Keep remaining buildings at the corner of the village for the above base design.

Top-builder-hall-5-base (1)

Builder Hall 5 Base Design Layout

BH 5 Base Layout Designs Anti 1 Star

Builder-hall-5-base-design-layout (1)

Level 5 Builder Hall Base

Builder Hall 5 Base Anti 2 Star

If we look at this best builder base 5 base design anti 2 layout this base has at its features to protect the town hall. The air crackers are in different compartments, if you want to you can switch air crackers and archer towers places accordingly to cover up the entire layout from air and ground attacks.

Excellent-Builder-Hall-5-Base-Design (1)

Excellent Builder Hall 5 Base Design

The above is pretty much similar to the wave that had happened with the internet bases with town hall 7, town hall 8, and town hall 9. The main thing about this anti 1 star base is the concentration of the defensive structures as the way you go up to the builder hall. the base might seems a little bit easier if the attacker can attack from the left side by blowing up that walls with the wall breakers.

Bh5-builder-base-design (1)

BH5 Builder Base Design

Clash of clans Bases Best Builder hall 5 base designs. In this article, we have come up with the latest updated base designs. The first section of bases have all defensive structures and buildings. This is the most awaited update from the clash of clans. The new defensive structures available at builder hall 5 are the battle machine, multi mortar, and one more double canon. Some of the bases are taken from friends.

Coc-bh5-base-design-layout (2)

 COC BH5 Base Design Layout

Best-builder-hall-5-base-anti-1-star (4)

Best Builder Hall 5 Base Anti 1 Star  


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